Through Stained Glass: the priests of my life
A true and intimate memoir

Finding God in and out of the Church
Every chapter of Teri’s life is impacted by these celibate men who are task-masters, friends, confidants, teachers, love-interests and employers. Views of life and God are transformed as we experience priests through the eyes of a Catholic girl negotiating through the sometimes murky waters of a changing church in a changing world. Sometimes light-hearted, sometimes troubling, but always honest, we see the author recognize the light of God that she is, shining because of, inspired by and sometimes despite the priests of her life.
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“A compelling story.  I love it.  I did not want to put it down!”
– Barbara Litrell, Former Publisher, McCall’s Magazine and Working Woman Magazine

“I was introduced to some wonderful, outrageous, stupid, loving, frightened, heroic, and mentally ill priests.  I fell deeply in love with the book, with her, the stories, and yes, the priests, too.”
– Charles Wells, former priest

“Whether or not you grew up Catholic, this book will quickly draw you in with its sincerity and riveting images of a life centered around music, family, and church liturgy.  Ms. Bays takes you on a poignant journey from a childhood in a large, Italian Catholic family on the east coast to her present-day life in a small-town, Arizona parish.  She is a skillful writer, leading you into her relationships and myriad of experiences and emotions within them.  She shares openly the joys, the tension, and the sorrows of relationship, both personal and professional.  I highly recommend this book.”
– Maura Murto